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The “non-profit” WWF and the “profitable” alliances with Trophy Hunters!

It’s no secret that the WWF unscrupulous collects donations for tigers, elephants and other valuable animals and releases them also the same time in its national parks to shoot down. The local population is minimally involved in the substantial profits of this safari supplier. Sometimes it’s just 20 cents per year. Money income from trophy hunting make in African countries from only 0.006 per cent of the state budget. The so-called decent animal and conservation organizations have meaningful programs activated to provide the lawless hunters their safaris while protecting the species. In addition, there are plenty of so-called alternatives to the holdings of animals regulate what is only still very worthwhile for the WWF.


The reality is unfortunately different from what it is represented by the WWF. Trophy hunting also threatened and decimated species and is especially in Africa a corrupt business, especially for the hunting tour operators.

In many conservation areas in Africa, which have “helped” the WWF, you can go without problems on maybe every safari hunting when you have enough money. As one may shoot lions and elephants - on the other side pulls the WWF people the money out of his pocket with his “Save the last elephants” - campaign. Self blame, who falls for it.


Last year, Prince Charles was elected president by the WWF England. There is probably no one in the whole of England, who has more fun to shoot any animal. It is estimated that over 60,000 debile hunters, including many members of the WWF Board of Directors, also from the German-speaking countries once a year, such a hunting trip. No wildlife group has a miserable ecological footprint than the hunters. Women and men traveling to kill to Africa and elsewhere to simply shoot wild animals for fun. Most of all the cops, because they are the biggest. It is simply a great brazen lie when the WWF says, “It is against our philosophy, anyone who enjoys to shoot animals, can stand for the WWF” The real fact is, the WWF makes regular mood for the dark world of hunting.


And here are some disgusting examples of how the “former” honorary President of the WWF, “King Juan Carlos of Spain”, in Romania and in Botswana (Africa) kills Animals on Trophy hunting!

The argument does not take jobs: 15’000 part-time jobs to the hunt in the eight key African countries provide hunting - with a total population of 140 million people. For national budget contributes ridiculous 0.006 percent. The photo tourism has generated billions of dollars and creates a multiple workplaces. No coincidence that countries such as Kenya and Botswana completely partially ruled against the hunting and for the Photo Tourism: Kenya earned annual US $ 1 billion on Photo Tourism - 30 million US $, it would be by trophy hunting. And in Botswanas Okavango Delta manages the Photo Tourism 39 times more jobs than hunting.


Trophy hunting is unworthy of every human being and shabby. A trophy for killing animals is partly criminal, but always wrong. Hunters are, for example, in Switzerland through the review, the problems they cause in nature itself, to resolve by force of arms. The methods are always perfidious especially in the Canton of Grisons (along with my Care Dogs I live in a village of this fanatical trophy hunters Canton) and are beyond good and evil. Unnaturally large or small wildlife populations are homemade by wrong planning hunting and hunters land and bred. By hunting are species that are already rare, even rarer, and those who are often more frequently.


The hunt is primarily to enforce economic interests with the weapon. Meant damage to agriculture, fisheries and forestry are to avert or minimize arising from homemade overpopulation of some wildlife species. By Hunter grazing animals will only be parked in the woods, where they are then dubbed pests. Hunters are agents of economic interests, mostly with fun at the murders of living organisms. Hunters have perfected the scorn of living beings and the WWF has a completely schizophrenic and life despised conservation understanding. If hunting is active nature conservation, then genocide is humanitarian aid. For the WWF is quite normal and legitimate to use constructive sustainable force to animals hunting, also torture, kill, poison, catch and abuse them.

The happy end of furious shooting Trophy Huntress Melissa Bachmann!