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The unbelievable suffering of Hundreds of Thousands Mares just to make Women believe that they will get back their slowly fading youth!

What is „Premarin“? Or what means PMU? It means “Pregnant Mare Urine”!


Made from natural resources – this is how the product is advertised. However, these natural resources are several 100,000 pregnant mares which, for most of their lives, have to stand penned up in disgusting stalls at ranches mainly situated in Canada and the USA. The high gloss advertising for Premarin obviously does not mention any of this.


To extract the main ingredients of Premarin mares need to be pregnant. During all of the eleven months of pregnancy all horses are confined to stalls so small that they cannot turn around or take more than one step in any direction. They are unable to lay down nor can they turn their heads to the side to sleep. They also have to wear a rubber urine-collection bag at all times which most frequently causes chafing and lesions.


But, this is not enough of the horror. To collect urine in highly concentrated form the mares are only given very little water to drink. This is the reason that many of the horses contract massive liver and kidneys damage, which often leads to an early death.


For the 700 to 800 PMU farmers, who supply the Pharmaceutical Industry with estrogen rich pregnant mares' urine this is cold, calculating business. It does not matter that horses are confined for years to very small stalls, it does not matter that they have to endure one pregnancy after the other (this cycle of re-impregnation continues for up to 12 years), it does not matter that their offsprings are taken away from them without the mares having a chance to caress them, it does not matter that foals are regarded as non welcome by-products to be sold to abattoirs.


It is a shame that there is a whole industry that claims to help people by providing medication for all sorts of illnesses and under the same breath tortures, maims, incarcerates and kills other sentient life forms in the most horrendous ways imaginable.

It seems that the medical profession has a good deal to answer for, too, because they just obey the advertising might of the industry and fail to inform their female patients that there are alternatives to PMU. This is even more astonishing because research shows that Premarin has side effects every woman should be aware off before assigning to a long term course of this medication. Common side effects of Premarin include stomach upset or cramps, nausea/vomiting, bloating, breast tenderness or swelling, headache, weight or appetite changes, freckles or darkening of facial skin, vaginal itching, problems with contact lenses. Moreover, there is compelling evidence that Premarin is a factor when contracting cancer.


There are synthetic and plant-based alternatives to PMU-based drugs available and often a healthy, vegetarian diet eliminates the symptoms of menopause. So, there is a choice and that choice means a menopause symptoms free life without being guilty of contributing to the horrors animals have to endure for, as it seems, only the profits of multinational companies. (Since 1940 about 30 billion doses of Premarin have been prescribed)


By the way, quite a number of cosmetic products, like moisturizers and rejuvenating creams, use traces of urea as an ingredient, too, which almost always is produced in a way that brings unbearable physical and mental pain to pregnant horses.


Personal note (in red font) of Website Administator Peter to the numerous doctors, gynecologists and the greedy mafia-like pharmaceutical industry! They are the main culprits that since several decades, hundreds of thousands of mares and their foals have to endure cruel suffering! And the "so-called demi-gods in white" (doctors and gynecologists) also lie and cheat intentionally, when it comes to inform Women about the menopause with all their dangerous side effects and risks!

Why several millions Women ingest Horse Urine? (Copyright: Cathleen McGuire)

Derived from the urine of pregnant mares, Premarin is peddled by a pharmaceutical multinational as a panacea for menopausal women. Illustrating a classic nexus of ecofeminist issues, this essay exposes the drug’s harmful impact on women, animals, and the environment, and suggests natural  alternatives.

Did you know that synthetic estrogen is a known carcinogen? Did you know that this popular drug entails the slaughter of thousands of baby foals? Did you know that most estrogen prescribed for menopausal women comes from the urine of pregnant mares?

Increasingly, women approaching menopause are being “pushed by the medical/pharmaceutical industry” to consider hormone replacement therapy. Underneath this ostensible concern for women’s health is an issue that poses enormous consequences for women, animals, and the Environment.

Mares PMU-Concentration Camps where they suffer life long in Slavery...