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 “Fantasia Land” - A horror Zoo in Saudi Arabia

An example of Muslim animal abuse, this time from the wealthiest kingdom in the world, in a place called the “Fantasyland Zoo”! A Finnish woman married to a Saudi man reports on the horrific conditions at a zoo in Riyadh, Hadiqa Abu Jarrah. She says, “Keeping in mind I’ve lived in the deepest most rural parts of Africa, I’ve never sen anything pertaining to treatment of animals that was comparable to this misery.The actual “zoo” which is in reality only a few small metal cages placed next to each other, is located inside the Fantasy Land amusement park on Thumamah Road. The animals have absolutely nothing in the cages, they can see and hear the others at all times. There were many ill looking, poorly animals there as well. The cages are outside in a hall with no air-conditioning or heating. Most shockingly they had large animals such as a grizzly bear and adult lions in tiny cages. The animals are never let out of the cages and there is only one zoo keeper “taking care” of them all.

This grizzly must be the world’s saddest, most depressed bear. He looks into the eyes of the visitor with such plea it is simply heart wrenching to watch. The bear never got out of his prison, if you don’t count the photo sessions with “Abu Jarrah”. The zoo keeper was too afraid to even think of opening its cage in fear of his life. Grizzlies like all bears need to roam around extensively, have activities, social contacts and they also hibernate. I doubt this bear ever had the chance to have any of those things.

The sickly, emaciated lion didn’t have energy to move during our visit. The big animals eat, sleep and eliminate in the same space.

Another two completely apathetic lions, locked up in its tiny cage and up to all eternity, condemned to do nothing.

A baby monkey which was placed next to the bear looked pretty much frightened out of his mind and despite being locked up inside the cage had a rope tied to one of its legs.

During Saudi winters the night time temperatures drop near 0 Celsius (32 [F]) and in the summer temperatures soar to the high 40s daily reaching even 53 Celsius (127 [F]). This places the animals in great risk of hypothermia or heat stroke and dehydration.