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 Barbaric Turkey - Country with perverse and primitive cruelty to animals

Again and again we animal rights activists are confronted with horror stories of massive and extremely perverse cruelty to animals in Turkey. Even at the risk of being held up as a racist, I have to answer this question with Yes, Yes and Yes again! Apparently just know some people in Turkey no limits as far as torturing poor innocent creatures, sick and perverse is still too low expression of what has since happened again on one of the garbage dumps on the outskirts of Ankara. Thither namely thousands of poor street dogs are brought back in order to dispose of that. Without water and feed the poor creatures vegetate then since then, but not enough of suffering and horror, because what awaits as the poor animals can be compared to a horror movie of the cruellest kind of a nightmare could not be blacker. The dogs are from completely sick, drunken and disturbed types tied up on the paws and long raped until their internal organs burst, puppies are placed in plastic bags and choke miserably. Others are used as live targets and die a cruel death in the hail of bullets.

I am deeply shocked by the reports and photos, affected and deeply saddened, yes my anger is once more limitless and abysmally and again I ask myself, where is that probably ends yet! I often thought he had seen it all in perversions, but I have to always find the human as a brutal and primitive beast is that it's running down my cold my backside, to recognize the members we humans of a race, the only rack up is aligned and destroy! But I will not return even this atrocity here under the table, no I will not do this favour for our lousy and dishonest society - because I will not compromise on the hump and the suffering of creatures which can not defend himself!

And I want to shake once more, saying: So do not dear silent majority! The decadence, which is now practiced by our mundane society against the unspeakable suffering of our fellow creatures, makes me incredibly angry and stoking my impotence makes me but certainly never silenced. Not that anyone can say I did not know - No because this excuse does not count! Respond well you and avoid this country as a holiday region, or do you want also here, once again prefers to look away? You have the choice, the animals unfortunately not! And only remains for me to say the following: If the day of the Last Judgment, even a single animal sitting in the judgment - Good night then you cowardly, selfish and very much like looking away species known also as humanity!