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Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) - A Fighting Activists Troops of a special kind!

The activities of the Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.), comprises an important part of today’s animal rights movement, just as it did the "White Rose" (Students Resistance group in Nazi Germany) and the "French Resistance" (in the from Nazi Germany occupied France) as resistance groups from earlier battles in the sense of social justice.

The A.L.F. was founded in 1976 in the United Kingdom. Today there are A.L.F. activists and supporter in many countries around the world.

Without the burglaries of A.L.F. in animal utilization industries (animal experiment laboratories, masse-factory farms, fur farms, etc.) that could keep their atrocities successfully hidden until that time before the “public people blinders eye”, would have a lot more animals to suffer.

The actions of the A.L.F. happen outside the law and are directed against industries, which profit from the exploitation of animals.

It pursues its objectives in two ways: The liberation of animals - as the name says - from experiment laboratories, factory farms, fur farms or circuses and even sabotage against industries that somehow have to do with animals.

These include chemical plants, slaughterhouses, pet shops and restaurants that offer animal cruelty products such as foie gras or crustaceans that are cooked alive in boiling water.

Successes there were of course also, the A.L.F. brought in the UK, the fur farms to a still-stand. But while it was not increasingly people were targeted the militant animal activists.

In the 1980, the garage of an employee of the chemical company “Glaxo Wellcome” was devastated - this is considered the first directly attack of activists against an individual directed.

However, the A.L.F. always emphasized that never Animals should come to harm in their actions.


Activists of A.L.F. act strictly according to the 3 following guidelines:

1) The aim of actions are those who profit from the exploitation of animals.

2) The atrocities that are committed behind closed doors against animals are brought to the public through non-violent direct actions and liberations.

3) All necessary precautions must be taken to bring through actions, not people or animals in danger.


The A.L.F. is not a group in the true sense: There is no membership and no chairman. Because A.L.F. activities are “illegal”, activists hold their engagement secret - secret from the public, their families and even their best friends - to remain free to themselves and be able to make in the future more actions.

Anyone who makes actions under the A.L.F. guidelines, can itself be called as an A.L.F. activist.

Those who wish to discredit the tactics of the A.L.F., throw again and again the word "terrorism" on. But when you consider that since the establishment of the A.L.F. in the 1976 in England, not a single person or a single animal was injured and only the meat industry is responsible for ensuring that every day millions of sentient creatures are killed, then it turns rather the question of who are the real terrorists.

On the contrary, ALF activists are compassionate people who put their own freedom for those at risk who can not defend themselves.

While awareness training and demonstrations are important to the long-term goal to achieve the liberation of all animals is essential to the long history of social movements has shown that all available resources are needed to bring about immediate results and long-term changes.

Because the A.L.F. acting in anonymity there is no way to support actions before they happen. But what anyone can do individual is to ensure a climate that will be defended in the ALF actions.

You can also go to organizations donate support or write letters directly to activists in prison to make their time behind bars more bearable the imprisoned ALF activists.


How best to tackle the problem can you look up under on the red links and the “Animal Liberation Front - Supporters Contact List” (pdf document).

http://www.alfsg.org.uk (A.L.F. Supporter Group)

http://www.vpsg.org (Vegan Prisoners Support Group)

http://www.directaction.info (Bite Back Magazine)

“Animal Liberation Front - Supporters Contact List” (pdf) 


Warning: Some scenes and content of the videos on this single page, are very cruel and violent against animals! However please look at these videos to, just so you'll understand why there are people (from the hypocritical and and often the true reality-hiding-society, also called “TERRORISTS"), freeing animals from their horrendous suffering!