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This website is not a call for sympathy with “cute animal protection”. No, because it is already rather from the absolute total “tyranny of humans over animals”. It’s a website that makes an attempt to thoroughly uncompromising and consistently thinking about how “cruel and merciless” the humanity “treats animals of any kind”

Worldwide slaughtered animals of the meat industry since you opened this website

0 Marine Animals
0 Chickens
0 Ducks
0 Pigs
0 Rabbits
0 Turkeys
0 Geese
0 Sheep
0 Goats
0 Cows and Calves
0 Rodents
0 Pigeons and other Birds
0 Buffaloes
0 Dogs
0 Cats
0 Horses
0 Donkeys and Mules
0 Camels and other Camelids

The Animal Kill Counter starts every time counting from zero when this website is reopened or actualized. It does not
include animals as on the hunt, of farmers, in zoos and circuses, in experimental laboratories or were otherwise killed!

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